Machining, tooling and lathing

Valtimo Components Oyj is a reliable partner to many customers who produce top of the line high tech products. We are located in Valtimo, North Carelia in Finland. We provide CNC machining, tooling and lathing service according to the various needs of our clients.

Since 1999 we have offered to our customers precision production of fine mechanical parts and components by lathing and machining. Our Finnish quality service includes also plating and assembly.

We provide service e.g. to Locking industry, Military sector, Optics industry, Medical sector, Hydraulics industry, Space sector, Aviation industry and Electronics industry.

Our quality management system has been audited by Bureau Veritas according to ISO 9001:2005

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Machining, tooling and lathing

We provide CNC machining, tooling and lathing service according to the various needs of our clients. Our modern vertical machining centers and precision lathes secure the accuracy, speed and reliability of our operations.

We have recently invested to new machines to further improve or service to locking industry , medical sector, military sector and optics industry, not forgetting our valued customers in hydraulics- , aviation- and space industries. We still have a strong connection to electronics industry as well.

Medical sector. Surgeons on a critical task
Tooling and lathing. Army vehicles on a road


We produce various components and parts for machines from various materials. We lathe basically all bar materials. The components / parts we produce are from 0,5 mm to 66 mm. In addition to serial production, we also do prototypes and small test series. Our service includes assisting our clients in product planning and doing various assemblies.

Our vertical CNC tooling centers enable us to produce parts quickly and precisely Materials e.g., brass, plastic, aluminum and various steels.

Maximum tooling dimensions of our machines

  • Makino PS105 1050x510x460mm
  • Quaser 184 1020x610x610
  • Quaser 204 1200x600x560mm
  • Leadwell v-40 1020x510x510mm

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Plating gives a good finishing

We have drum and hanging methods in use in plating. The pieces for drum plating are normally from some millimeters up to some centimeters in size. In hanging method the largest single piece possible is 450 x 100 x 350 mm.

We plate brass, copper, stainless and other steels with copper, nickel, silver and gold by using electrolytical and / or chemical methods.

We also anodize aluminum. Black nickel plating is the latest service we provide.

Gold plated products, plating
Silver plated products, plating

Anodizing – corrosion resistance and longevity

Anodizing, or anodizing, is a metal surface treatment that increases the natural corrosion resistance and longevity of metals. Anodizing creates a protective oxide coating on the surface of the metal with the help of an electric current.

Colors: black / natural grey

Black nickel – spectacular shine and corrosion protection

Nickel plating is well suited for pieces that want to have a spectacular shine and that want to be protected from corrosion. Nickel is also used in many objects as it is. The nickel surface is hard, durable, has a pleasant appearance and provides durable protection for the base material.

  • Below the black nickel finish, a nickel coating is applied, which provides protection against corrosion
  • stylish black visual coating
  • thickness from one micron to two microns (1-2µ)
  • for brass, copper as a first coating
  • usually covered with a nickel-gold coating

Silver plating – electrical conductivity and performance

Silver has the best electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals. Silver plating is very suitable for pieces that require better corrosion resistance than, for example, copper. Silver is a very solderable metal and has antibacterial properties.

The silver coating gives the piece good electrical conductivity and reflectivity, and silver improves the product’s appearance and visuals.

Passivation of Aluminum

Passivation of aluminum is a chemical coating process in which a passivation layer conforming to the RoHS directive is formed on the surface of the aluminum. The color of the passivation surface layer is almost colorless.

The surface layer gives the products good corrosion protection, heat resistance (350 °C) without compromising the corrosion protection properties. Anodizing works as a good adhesion platform for paint surfaces. Passivated aluminum can withstand the high temperature required by the powder coating oven.


  • provides a good basis for the painting
  • the surface remains good when stored
  • electrical conductivity remains good
  • excellent corrosion protection and heat resistance

Gold plating – one of the most important nobel metal coatings in the electronics industry

Gold (Au) is one of the most important precious noble coatings in the electronics industry. Gold plating significantly improves the corrosion resistance of components. The gold coating prevents the piece from oxidizing, so that, for example, the solderability and electrical conductivity of the connectors remain better. Gold coating is used e.g. in measuring devices of different technologies due to gold’s excellent infrared reflectivity.

Gold plating can be done directly on most electrically conductive materials.

We use Fisherscope X-ray System XDL in our quality control and we have a device to control the thickness of anodizing as well.

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Our experienced staff is specialized in demanding assemblies of e.g. electronics and metal industries. We provide turn-key service or we assist the assemblies of our clients. We also manucfacture components and plate them for our assembly.

Army vehicles on a road. Assembly.
Agriculture, tractor on a field. Assembly.
harvesting. Assembly.

We have NDA agreements at place and we always serve our clients in a trustworthy manner. In many cases we manufacture components and plate them for our assembly – all under one roof. This minimizes logistics and related risk due minimal interchanges.

We do assembly according to the instructions of our customer and ISO 9001:2005 quality system. Our goal is to have long lasting good customer relations. We do assembly at our premises in Valtimo and Pattijoki, Finland.

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Hannu Turunen, production manager

Hannu Turunen
Production Manager
+358(0)50 543 4515

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