Machining, tooling and lathing

We provide CNC machining, tooling and lathing service according to the various needs of our clients. Our modern vertical machining centers and precision lathes secure the accuracy, speed and reliability of our operations.

We have recently invested to new machines to further improve or service to locking industry , medical sector, military sector and optics industry, not forgetting our valued customers in hydraulics- , aviation- and space industries. We still have a strong connection to electronics industry as well.

Medical sector. Surgeons on a critical task
Tooling and lathing. Army vehicles on a road


We produce various components and parts for machines from various materials. We lathe basically all bar materials. The components / parts we produce are from 0,5 mm to 66 mm. In addition to serial production, we also do prototypes and small test series. Our service includes assisting our clients in product planning and doing various assemblies.

Our vertical CNC tooling centers enable us to produce parts quickly and precisely Materials e.g., brass, plastic, aluminum and various steels.

Maximum tooling dimensions of our machines

  • Makino PS105 1050x510x460mm
  • Quaser 184 1020x610x610
  • Quaser 204 1200x600x560mm
  • Leadwell v-40 1020x510x510mm

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